Jacob’s Ladder


  • In this setup, we create high voltage copper
    electrodes by utilizing electricity from an
    ordinary power socket. Like the law of electric
    currents, electrons always prefer the short
    distance and flow from high potential to low
    potential. When we charge one electrode with
    a high potential, the electrons are likely to flow
    from the shortest distance towards the other
    electrode. Therefore, the current flow begins
    from the lowest part of this Jacob’s ladder. As
    the current heats up the air, the current flow
    also rises. This setup therefore also obeys the
    law – that heated air rises. As the air ionizes,
    we can also observe that electricity can be
    transmitted through air. As this setup involves
    high voltage and currents, it should operate
    after necessary security precautions have been
    taken. About 20,000V is applied to electrodes.

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  • Dimensioons: 68x60x140cm
    (Width x Length x Height)