Ball Machine


  • In this setup, visitors can examine the motion
    of a ball thanks to simple machines. One of
    the important inventions of Archimedes in the
    Ball Machine is the Archimedes’ screw, which
    is also known by his name. Archimedes’ screw
    has been used for transferring water from a
    low-lying body of water into irrigation ditches
    since ancient times, but it is used to lift a ball
    instead of water to higher levels in the Ball
    Machine. The rotation of the device causes
    the ball to rise in the pipe and visitors can
    observe the motion of the ball thanks to simple
    machines such as Archimedes’ screw, gears
    and coghwheels in accordance with laws of
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  • Dimensions:50x200x180cm
    (Width x Length x Height)