Stella Science is the brand of Renko Company, which was established in 1984 and is a private company with headquarters located in Ankara, Turkey. We use high quality workmanship and advanced Technologies in our products manufacturing. Stella Science has been developing and manufacturing Science Center Exhibits and Travelling Exhibitions for 15 years.  The tests of the products are being done by professional expertise persons. We provide high quality technical service to our customers. We also provide mechanical, industrial, graphic and interior decoration design services to our customers.

Stella Science Center Exhibits aim beyond education, to scientific culture. We are on a mission to:

  • Promote exploration
  • Form a dynamic part of the learning environment
  • Encourage the excitement of discovery
  • Emphasize technology interactively
  • Have a hands-on approach
  • Provide permanent learning by experience
  • Investigate the nature of science
  • Improve visitors’ science process skills

The firm also has ISO 9001-2000 accreditation as well as Quality and Service certificate from the Turkish Standards Institute (TSE). All of our products are suitable for safety standards. The firm has won several awards given by different government and private institutions throughout the company’s history. The awards are five project completion and perfection awards from the Turkish Scientific and Technical Research Institute (TÜBİTAK), one project award from the Turkish Ministry of Industry and one research award from the Technology Development Foundation of Turkey (TTVG).