Traveling Exhibits - More Green , More Clean

More Green , More Clean

How sensitive are you to the
Stella’s new indoor & outdoor
exhibition opens a door for people
to get into the world of renewable
energy and to rise awareness to
our blue planet.

Technical Information

  • Exhibits: 23 exhibits (outdoor & indoor) Product interactivity with kiosks in booths
  • Interactivity: 90% + demonstration & information displays
  • Size: 1500 m2
  • Language: Multi-language AV/Software/Graphic Design
  • Power Requirements: Voltage 110-240 V
  • Safety: Confirming to safety standards
  • Rental Period: 8 months – 24 months
  • Information panels: UV printed & laminated panels with metal standsVideo-animation displays in booths
  • Exhibition area: Ecological materialsLighting system with solar lampsLandscape construction (optional)Productive utilization of space with fences